We are very grateful to the financial and technical support from the following government and defense organizations 


SBIR/STTR Technologies


  • NASA: SBIR Phase 1: H6.22: Prime contractor
    • Energy Efficient High-Throughput Neuromorphic Processor for Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • NAVY: SBIR Phase 1: N192-136: Prime contractor
    • Smart Node based Modular Avionics Interface for Ballistic Missile Systems
  • Department of Energy: SBIR Phase 2: 6b: Prime contractor
    • Seamless Cross-Technology Communication Platform for IoTs


  • DTRA: SBIR Phase 1: DTRA182-002: Prime contractor
    • Cooperative RF-Trail Based C3 Environment Navigation System
  • DMEA: SBIR Phase 1: DMEA172-001: Subcontractor
    • Computerized Robotic Delayering and Polishing System
  • DARPA: SBIR Phase 1: SB173-001: Prime contractor
    • Flexible Conformal Ultrasound Arrays for Imaging and Modulation
  • Department of Energy: SBIR Phase 1: 6b: Prime contractor
    • Seamless Cross-Technology Communication Platform for IoTs
  • Air Force: SBIR Phase 2: AF161-70: Subcontractor
    • Advanced Circuit Technologies for Reliable, Low-Cost, High-Temperature Electronic Controls
  • Air Force: SBIR Phase 1: AF171-121: Subcontractor
    • Integrated Circuit (IC) Die Extraction and Reassembly (DER) for More Complicated ICs
  • Missile Defense Agency: SBIR Phase 1: MDA17-015: Subcontractor
    • Miniaturized Avionics for Missile Systems


  • University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio
  • Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
  • University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Spectral Energies LLC
  • CoolCAD Electronics LLC